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Friendship Crew
Friendship Crew
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Friendship Crew
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Recent Sermons

2010 to now - Written summaries of recent sermons

Recent sermons are summarized in our newsletters.

2010 to 2013 - Audio recordings of older sermons

Audio recordings of older sermons are available below. Click on the topic to hear the sermon. It may take several seconds for the sermon to reach your computer and to start your audio player.

Date Speaker Topic
2013-12-29 Bill Scott Looking Backward/Looking Forward
2012-02-26 Dr. Tucker A Short Tour Through Logic
2012-02-19 Jordon Portmentier End of Life Decisions
2012-02-12 Matt Reed Major Media Changes
2011-12-18 Neal Stannard Weekend at Earthies
2011-12-11 Sheila Harty Darwin Deletes Original Sin
2011-12-04 Rev. Higgins What is God?
2011-10-16 Rev. Lorakim Joyner UU Spiritual Practices
2011-10-09 Pete Kersey Christianity and You You
2011-09-25 Dr. Robert Tucker Atonement/At-One-Ment
2011-09-18 Sheila Harty In Metaphor We Trust
2011-09-04 Rev. Higgins UU Humanism
2011-08-28 Neal Stannard We're On A Role
2011-08-21 Dr. Robert Tucker Don't Retire. Inspire!
2011-08-14 Dr. David Warren Compassion and Communication
2011-08-07 Rev. Higgins What are Governments For?
2011-07-31 Rev. Robert Tucker Oxygen,Fire and Light
2011-07-24 Dr. Milo Vannucci Life Isn't Fair-Human Beings Can Make It Fair
2011-07-17 Rev. Ann Fuller That Really Bugs Me! Pet Peeves and Mature Spirituality
2011-07-10 Helen Bennett My Credo and Ethical Will
2011-06-12 Dr. Gnana Bhaskar Hindu Perspectives on Karma, Reincarnation and Liberation
2011-05-22 Fahim Ahmed Islam: Core Beliefs
2011-05-08 Dennis Tebbe Our Mothers
2011-04-03 Rev. Higgins Story of Norbert Fabian Capek and Flower Communion
2011-03-30 Rev. Tim Hume-Behrendt & Peg Re-examining America's Revolution
2011-03-13 Marc Adams Hope Needs Only Hands and Hearts
2011-02-27 Neal Stannard Diving for the Truth
2011-02-20 John Lees On Happiness
2011-02-13 Rev. Robert Tucker Why Signing the Book is Never Enough
2011-02-06 Rev. Higgins Judaism
2011-01-30 Rev. Ann Fuller Proxy Pain
2011-01-23 Rev. Kenneth Hurto Where Is Our Holy Church-Today and Tomorrow?
2011-01-09 Rev. Gregory Wilson God Save the King, Unitarians Save the People
2011-01-02 Rev. Higgins Greeting the New Year
2010-12-26 Rev. Jon Dobrer The Essential Gift of Christmas
2010-12-19 Sheila Harty How an Unwed Pregnant Teenager Became the Mother of God
2010-12-12 Courtney Roberts Star of the Magi
2010-12-05 Rev. Dr. Higgins Buddhism - A Rebellion Against Brahmanism
2010-11-28 Helen Bennett Spinoza and the Birth of Modernity
2010-11-21 Dr. Robert Tucker How Should UUs Use the Bible?
2010-11-14 Neal Stannard Taking Exception to Exceptionalism
2010-10-31 Rev. Lou Manzo Dante
2010-10-10 Bill Whitehead Florida Hometown Democracy
2010-10-03 Rev. Dr. Higgins Hinduism - Origins and Contributions to World Religion
2010-09-19 Rev. Ann Fuller At That Moment All I Had...
2010-09-12 Annette Clifford Being a Voice for the Voiceless
2010-09-05 Rev. Dr. Higgins What We Need To Know About Other Religions
2010-08-29 Courtney Roberts Influence of Zoroaster
2010-08-22 Suzy Leonard Why Journalism Still Matters
2010-08-15 Dr. Robert Tucker Ways of Knowing: Science vs. Religion
2010-08-01 Dr. John Higgins What is Religion?
2010-07-25 Jeff Nall Birthing New Life and Discovering New Strength
2010-07-18 Sheila Harty Civil religion in America: the Supreme Court and church-state separation
2010-07-11 Rev. Gregory Wilson Calming Anger and Resentment
2010-07-04 Dr. John Higgins The American Dream - Fulfillment or wanting?
2010-06-13 Pete Kersey Meandering Through Fields of Religion
2010-05-23 Dr. Robert Tucker Sideways Thinking

Sunday Services

You are always welcome at Friendship Fellowship at Pineda's regular Sunday Service, regardless of your background and your personal, political, or spiritual beliefs. Services are held every Sunday at 10:30am. Our new building is located at 3115 Friendship Place, off US 1, just north of the Pineda Causeway.

For a map and directions, please visit our Location and Directions page.

Friendship Crew
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